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Ski In 2012


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The annual Ski In party is scheduled for May 12 to 13. As always a fun party with camping near Mazama.


There is Great skiing and fun climbing nearby. You can pick your poison or do both. Last year we skied and climbed at Goat Wall.




If you plan to come send David Parker or me a private message. The property owners requested names of people attending the event, or at least the name of the driver and number of people in the group. I'll let David comment on that.


If you don't know the location of the cabin David or I can give you directions. We can't post them online.







PS: We've made our best guess for the date of the event based on the WSDOT plowing progress on HWY-20. There is a risk due to weird weather and snow, but it wouldn't be a fun outdoor event without a little risk

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A little clarification: This is the 11th annual Ski-In and it is open to all who want to join in on a great time with some conditions. We are camping on private property and I need a rsvp as a courtesy to the owners. You can post here if you are coming with a group count or get in touch with me thru a PM. For those of you who have come before, you know where it is. If you need directions, get in touch with me. We have a great camping area, firepit, barbeques and access to the Methow River. So come get some fresh corn snow and party with us!

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