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So this new reservation system sucks. gotta reserve 3 days in advance. we wanna head up in morning but dont have the combination to the door. I called everyone i could think of to go through proper channels but just got the run around. we will gladly pay the money to support the cabin. put it in the drop box. anyone know the combination or someone i could talk 2 2 pay tonight or in the morning? thanks tim 503-719-0917 medicmail2004@yahoo.com

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the cost of repeatedly fixing the busted lock/door is going to suck.


"Yea I dunno, door was broken when I got here a few hours ago"


Yeah, well, you know there is a stairway and a door on the upper level that is accessible from where the old pit toilets where. I wonder if that door is locked too?


If not, there ya go.


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