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Ice Climbing East side of Cascades


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Hey guys,

I just moved to Yakima from Bellingham and was wondering if anyone knew of any good beginner ice climbing spots that are accessible from Yakima during the winter. I have some alpine experience but just starting ice climbing. Anywhere up by snoqualmie pass and leavenworth would be great too. Thanks for the help.



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Get the book Washington Ice. There are a lot of easy and moderate climbs at Snoqualmie Pass and near Leavenworth, and harder stuff all over the place, including at Strobach, not that far from you. Nothing stays in all winter, so you have to pay attention to forecast and temps. If it's been in the single digits during the night in Yakama or in the teens fairly consistently, then you can probably find ice.

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Dannible- I've heard thats a good book, I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for the advice.


tele turnin- I don't have a climbing partner here yet! My brother is going to be in WA for a few weeks in December, and my dad climbs but he lives in B'ham. I'll PM you.

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You'll need a good cold snap but the climbs on FS 19 up Hwy 410 are great. Literally bumper belays and good anchors. Further up hwy 12 you have strobach mtn, which requires a bit more committment for approach.


Another good beginner spot its just outside of Ellensburg.


Feel free to PM me, since I lived in Ellensburg for 6 years and used to work in Yakima. Have several climbing/skiing friends still in Yakima.


With all that being said, your first step should be to buy the Washington Ice Book. Great source of info and support the local guys.



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