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  1. Bump...if interested feel free to pm offers for boots, bindings, jacket, chacos.
  2. Beacon has sold. Somebody buy these boots, bindings, etc. Pic of BD 01's:
  3. A few views but no bites thus far. Feel free to pm me with questions, etc. Pics (minus 01 bindings which are BNIB):
  4. I've got some stuff that I need to reluctantly sell. Medical school and family obligations have made it a little hard to enjoy some of my hobbies, and looking at my schedule for this winter there really isn't a point keeping this stuff around. I may regret this come next winter but this all sat in the closet last winter and will for sure remain there this year. I'll try to get up pics later, but can easily email pics to those interested if you pm me your email address. Prices include shipping to CONUS. I'm located in SE Idaho (all the more painful to sell this as the Tetons are soooo close) and if you happen to be in/near the area we could work out a pick-up and drop price since shipping won't be needed. If prices are unreasonable make and offer, but I think it is priced pretty fair as is considering condition and what I paid for everything. Here goes: $225-Ortovox 3+ Avalanche beacon. Black in color, excellent shape. I put the original (and only) battery ever used in it the other day and it read 93. This was an upgrade for me that as mentioned saw very little use. Comes with everything you would expect. Details/reviews here: http://www.backcountry.com/ortovox-3-plus-beacon $160-Black Diamond 01 Telemark Bindings. BNIB, end of year clearance from last year. Rid Stiff, standard size. I also have a friend with BNIB midstiff standard size that has expressed interest in selling (he wants to go on AXLS instead), so if interested in those let me know and I will pass the info on to him. Details/reviews here: http://www.backcountry.com/black-diamond-o1-telemark-ski-binding-do-no-tuse-bld0685 Scarpa Spirit 3 AT boots, 27.5. These have approx 20 days of use. Tech fittings, soles, buckles all in excellent shape. Comes with both regular (orange) and stiff black tongues. Rear spoilers also included. Currently have Scarpa Intuition liners (molded 1x used 8x) in them but also have stock liner (approx used 12x, molded 0x). $185 with the intuition liner, $145 with stock liner. If purchased with stock liner I will then list the intuition liner for sale individually but will wait to list it until boots have sold. Reviews/details here: http://www.backcountry.com/scarpa-spirit-3-alpine-touring-ski-boot Not the season for them, but what the heck. I have a pair of chaco z/2 unaweep sandals in size 10 WIDE. Don't know how I ended up buyings wides, but they are not for me. Wore for around 15 months until I finally convinced myself to get a set of normal widths. Probably smell a little, could use a wash and a flossing. $25 shipped?? Not sure if I want to part with this quite yet, but I also have an OR Mentor Jacket size Large Orange/Rust in color. Sweet jacket, used 2x. I had a medium in this same jacket, and got the L thinking that while I was in WA I would do in the cascades and got the L in order to be able to be a down layer under it in case things went wrong and I needed to have a down layer with water protection over it. As stated, med school let me use it twice and the arms are just plain too long for me. I've also debated if I really want to be outside where I would need to use a full down (OR Virtuoso) under a layer like this, just doesn't seem that fun as I sit here. Again I'm not sure on this one, so if interested pm me for pics/offer. Thanks for looking, I might add another thing or two as I continue to sift through piles of stuff collecting too much dust.
  5. thanks for the info. i'll look into the above mentioned areas. we are really just looking for a spot to camp (with a campfire) and where we can easily go on a 5 mile hike that will require them to use a map/compass. a bonus would be that it is 1.5 hours give or take from yakima. they've been doing a lot of sleeping in snow caves lately so the idea is to get them out of the snow for this one.
  6. Title says it all, I'm interested in knowing of a good camping area around Satus Pass, WA (or just Goldendale)to go camping and hiking. Quick background, I was recently asked to be a Scoutmaster and have been living in Yakima for just over a year. I haven't done a ton of hiking in the area but am looking for something that may have minimal snow this time of year and where we could go for a 5 mile hike. Being around trees is a definite plus and Satus Pass looks like the closest area that will fit the bill. So like the title says I'm looking for a decent place to camp where we could also go for around a 5 mile hike. Thanks all.
  7. final bump for price drop. $135 shipped to your door. great pair of gortex pants to enjoy the slopes.
  8. bump...also got a pair of larges lying around that are also new and won't get used. let me know if the price is off.
  9. Just like the title says, brand new with tags Outdoor Research Axcess Pants, men's medium, black. $135 shipped to your door (CONUS). Selling because I already have pants that do the job and instead of overlapping there I want to add to the pile of gear. From backcountry.com http://www.backcountry.com/outdoor-research-axcess-pant-mens
  10. Not to be offensive, but if this is the case why not climb with others? I think that you have been asked before your reasons for wanting to solo Rainier are and I don't recall seeing a definitive answer for that. (I could be wrong, it's happened in the past). Seems like you're out to prove something and for that reason want to solo Rainier. I'm new to the board, the whole backcountry/mountaineering thing, and WA. I moved here in Aug 2010 and decided that there were a few things I really wanted to do including climbing Rainier. Did it in August in perfect conditions, full moon, good snow, easy route to the top. Could it have been done solo? Easily, and it only would have left one brown streak in my drawers due to a crevasse crossing at 13,800 that on the descent had a new ladder installed over it courtesy one of the guide companies. But the question remains, why do it alone? I wouldn't want to, not only for safety's sake but also for the enjoyment of being out there with friends. Do you normally just not climb with others, or is it just for Rainier that you don't want to go in a group or can't find one? This board seems to be a great area for people with similar interest to meet up and go on climbs together, but given your responses to others it looks like you may have burnt that bridge.
  11. Probably the most informative story you will find on it: http://www.summitpost.org/against-all-hope-life-partnership-and-loss-on-mt-shasta/626323
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