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  1. I am looking for boots, overboots, insulating pants, expedition parka and high altitude gloves and other odds and ends for a trip up Denali in May. Size 11 to 11.5 (44 -44.5) boots (Baruntse or Spantiks) Size Medium in clothing items and size large gloves. Email me at cdmike112@hotmail.com
  2. FS: New Feathered Friends Widgeon -10 bag

    Yes the price is some what flexible, I am in Seattle now if you want to see the bag.
  3. Climbing March 11-30 Red Rocks/Jtree or other

    Anne, I will be heading down south about the same time and will be in the Redrocks/Jtree/Bishop area. I've done a fair amount of climbing in all of those places. I am looking to climb a bit harder but would be happy to do some moderate multi pitch stuff with you. -Mike
  4. I purchased this bag in late November and it has never been used. It is the regular length size. Specs for the bag are here http://featheredfriends.com/widgeon-ex-down-sleeping-bag.html. $550 plus shipping or I can possibly meet you in Seattle.
  5. Closet Cleaning, Gear Sale - Price Drop

    OR gaiters have sold
  6. Closet Cleaning, Gear Sale - Price Drop

    Sleeping bag sold
  7. Looking to get out pretty much anywhere in the PNW. Looks like the temps in Leavenworth should be decent for ice next week.
  8. Friday Jan 3rd. Partner wanted.

    PM sent
  9. Partner(s) needed

    Dave, not sure if you any other time off soon, I am looking to get out - Mike
  10. Closet Cleaning, Gear Sale - Price Drop

    Hexes added
  11. All gear is gone

    Everything is now spoken for.
  12. Closet Cleaning, Gear Sale - Price Drop

    Price Drop, I need to get rid of this stuff.
  13. All gear is gone

    Shoes, ovals and D's have been spoken for.
  14. All gear is gone

    Working on getting rid of the old and extra gear that I don't need. Hopefully someone out there can still find this stuff handy. All I ask for is shipping, Happy Holidays. La Sportiva Hightops Size 41.5 In good shape, never resoled and still have lots of rubber. Should be able to ship in a medium priority box for $6. The carabiners and draws are older, and should be inspected prior to any use. Carabiners A mix of chuinard D's and Ovals and REI (blue gates) and a couple of omega pacifics. Should be able to ship for $6 in a medium priority box. Quick Draws 3 mammut slings and 3 REI draws with carabiners. The slings are old and should be checked or retired or used for some other project.Should be able to ship for $6 in a medium priority box.
  15. Closet Cleaning, Gear Sale - Price Drop

    Avalung Pack and OR Gaitors added