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Mt. Ranier - during window Dec. 17 through Jan 11


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Planning well in advance due to other real-life scheduling issues... Looking for partners interested in a winter ascent of Mt. Rainier, sometime between December 17 and January 11, via the Ingraham Glacier route (not looking for extreme technical difficulty).


I'm in Vancouver, BC, and will be driving down. Age 35, and generally alpine-style / self-sufficient, but NOT "light and fast" (I'm a plodder, and like to sleep comfortable). As for ethics, I have nothing against aiding to get where I'm going.


prospective partners to have:


avalanche safety training

alpine experience (multi-day, etc.)

winter experience

crevasse rescue training

Rainier experience a bonus

patience & a good sense of humor


Looking for minimum of 2 partners (1 rope team of 3), maximum 7 (2 rope teams of 4).


Anyone interested?


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Am I too late to be on the climbing team for this trip? I've climbed Rainier twice, got plenty of mountaineering experience/ back packing skills, and now I have a sweet -20 degree sleeping bag that should do the job. Let me know if I could join. I already have a permit if the climb will be this year.

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Safety & training issues notwithstanding, I don't want to exclude anyone who wishes to come along. I'm hanging on to all of your emails - I still have some Canadian friends who may be able to find time, but it is too early yet to get commitments. We'll put this together as the time approaches. What I would like is a better sense of what dates within the stated window work best for everyone, and also how you all feel about adding some extra time to the time that would otherwise be required to summit, in order to do some skills practice and team familiarization?


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For me personally, January is better than December because I need to be home around Christmas. And I think adding extra time is smart. I live really close to Rainier, so I can be on the mountain quickly if anybody wants to come down and do some preliminary training beforehand in November or the first part of December.

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Just one additional note / consideration: While I certainly don't want to discourage the mountaineering pursuits of board participants regardless of age, for the purpose of developing maximum team cohesion and social congruency in the limited period of time available, I'm really looking to pull partners from within the 20 to 50 demographic.


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I'm interested. I meet all requirements except avalanche safety training. And I'm looking to study that soon. Have done Rainier via DC and Emmons (2 months ago) and am planning a winter climb in February. But the guys I'm going with in Feb are still uncommitted. Interested in doing Denali in May and thought a winter summit of Rainier would be nice in the meanwhile. Dates I'm open are probably Dec 17-22 (best) and then Jan 3-7. Still gotta work out details with the schedule so let me know if there's still room and what you're thinking. Best to email me directly. Live in Renton - so can be flexible depending on weather.

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