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  1. Asolo 8000 Boots - Size 12

    Absolutely LOVE these boots! But my feet have grown as my arch has fallen and now thaey are too snug for me - I'm now more of a size 12.5-13. Used these on a winter Rainier climb and a couple other climbs (total of 4-5 short climbs). Usually used my leather La Sportivas and that is why these are so gently used. Bought to use on Denali but never got the chance. Would buy these same boots again if bigger size! Excellent condition - inner boot, soles (I used differnet insoles but kept the stock ones brand new), and outer boots all in great shape. $500 for new pair on Amazon $300 OBO Email me - Gardner@----Coldkerins.com (without the hyphens) Specs: Synthetic Shell: Pebax Inner Boot: Velveteen + Thinsulate Asoframe: Pebax Anotomic Footbed: AFS Sole: Vibram nilgiri dual-color
  2. Rainier Partner, would like a mentor :)

    Woah - Dave! Great to see you on here! Shoot me a PM and let me know what you've been up to! I've been in Ukraine the last 3 years and doing more backpacking, skiing and snowshoeing but will be in the NW in July and August. Still not sure how the schedule is going to work out though. Maybe something will come together.
  3. Rainier Partner, would like a mentor :)

    I don't see anything wrong with an experienced climber deciding to help someone get into climbing. That's what someone did for me years ago and I've been hooked ever since. But it's a big commitment to take a newbie along and I wouldn't do it without including time for some self-arrest and crevasse rescue training (how to set up a z pulley) and most importantly - without another experienced climber as part of a 3 person team. Sad if the only introduction to mountaineering costs $1600. Not everyone has friends who are climbers to begin with (or that kind of dough lying around). One of my favorite summits was when I saw a newbie tear up at the top after having pushed through a tough climb. I wasn't guiding - just enjoying a climb with someone less experienced but still qualified in other ways. I'm not sure of my schedule yet - but we might be able to work something out later in summer...
  4. Looking for partners to climb Rainier with - either Ingrahm Direct or DC route. Have already summited twice with good experience. Willing to do Kautz if with experienced partners. Drop me an email. Gardner
  5. Denali-West Buttress June 2012

    Definitely interested. Sent a PM. Gardner
  6. Mt. Ranier - during window Dec. 17 through Jan 11

    I'm interested. I meet all requirements except avalanche safety training. And I'm looking to study that soon. Have done Rainier via DC and Emmons (2 months ago) and am planning a winter climb in February. But the guys I'm going with in Feb are still uncommitted. Interested in doing Denali in May and thought a winter summit of Rainier would be nice in the meanwhile. Dates I'm open are probably Dec 17-22 (best) and then Jan 3-7. Still gotta work out details with the schedule so let me know if there's still room and what you're thinking. Best to email me directly. Live in Renton - so can be flexible depending on weather.
  7. Rainier - DC Route???

    I might be able to do Aug 26-27 or even Sept 2-3. Also looking to do DC Sept 15-16 and then Baker Sept 19-21 with guys interested in doing Denali next May. Let me know of any opportunities or if you want to join us with something I just mentioned. I can hold my own in terms of experience etc, and prefer to have experienced guys outnumber newbies (but hey, gotta start some time right?). Email me at Gardner@coldkerins.com
  8. Why's it so hard to find Rainier partners?

    trying to get some climbs planned for Rainier and Baker - but having to work around my kid's football schedule, then school and also work out dates with some guys from out of town who might also be interested in doing Denali next May/June. Right now I'm thinking Sept 15-16 DC route on Rainier and then Sept 19-21 doing Baker. Email me if you guys are interested. I could also do a Rainier climb perhaps Aug 26-27 or Sept 2-3. I'm fine with crevasse rescue etc but prefer 3-4 person teams. Also prefer camping at Ingraham Flats instead of Muir. Email me with potential dates and we'll see what we can work out. Gardner@coldkerins.com, 425-276-5593. And yeah, even though DC is a "dog route" - I still enjoy the challenge. I'd be up for something more with some guys with more experience.
  9. Who wants to climb Rainier September 2nd?

    Not real excited about climbing up on Labor Day week-end as I think it'll be a zoo up there. But Sept 2/3 would be better than 3/4 and I'm interested. I summited DC route and don't know the other routes but am open. If DC route, then I'd want to camp at Ingraham Flats, not Muir. Talking with others about climbing later in Sept as well, since I'm not sure about Labor Day. Has anyone nailed down firm plans yet? Best to email me at Gardner@coldkerins.com
  10. Denali 2012

    Anyone interested in Denali or climbing Rainier (or something else) in August (and perhaps Sept), drop me an email with suggestions and experience. I can climb Aug 16-19 and 22 thru Sept 16. Drop me a line at: Gardner@coldkerins.com
  11. Rainier 2-4 Sep

    I'm good to go on any of the following dates: August 16-19 and 22nd -Sept 15th. Still think it best to avoid Labor Day and week-ends in general if possible. Have all gear needed including 60 M rope. Looking to go up a couple of times if the opportunity presents itself - and/or climb another peak as well. Anyone, interested, drop me an email at Gardner@coldkerins.com. I've been in Siberia for the last year and need to climb!
  12. Rainier 2-4 Sep

    am interested in climbing Rainier again this summer - but not all that excited about doing so over a holiday week-end. Crowds up there are already bad enough as it is. Are you open to getting a team together on different dates? Gardner I have summited Rainier and several other NW volcanos. Sent you an email.
  13. Denali 2012

    I'm interested in doing West Buttress route. The weather, altitude and logistics make it a difficult climb already without going for a more technical route. Gardner
  14. Denali 2012

    Real interested. Have climbed Rainier, Adams, Baker and other NW peaks and organize annual climbs in Siberia where I work. We are coming back to WA for a year and I have my sights set on Denali for 2012 but don't want to drop a load on a guided climb. Let me know your thoughts - perhaps we could do Rainier in August or a few other climbs with prospective partners? I arrive back in WA July 12th and will be looking to get out.
  15. Mt. Hood Snow Cat spots avail Sat 6/26 at 11PM.

    I'm taking my 10 year old son up to camp Muir on Thursday and Friday but have been wanting to do Hood for some time. Normally, I'd prefer to slog it up the mountain but am open to snow catting it up if you're team is open to letting me rope in with you. I've summited Rainier, Adams, Glacier Peak, Baker and Munku-Sardik in Siberia. I've promised my wife I'd try to climb only when I can find at least one other experienced climber to go with - and that's been a challenge at times. What do you think? Let me know soon if possible as I'd be changing some other plans to make this happen. Best to email me at Gardner@Coldkerins.com or call 206-497-9848. If you're not open to me roping in with you - no prob, just let me know. If you are open to it - then let me know how experienced your group is. Thanks. I just saw your email address and dropped you a note.