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Best Non-Inlatable sleeping pad for snow


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For Alpine use, I actually mix an inflatable with a closed cell. That's not to say that you couldn't just go with closed cell. If it's weight you're trying to save, you should check out what I went with (my entire sleep system):


Gossamer Gear Thinlight Insulation Pad 3/8" - 5.5 oz.



Small Cascade Designs NeoAir - 9 oz. (R2.5)



Gossamer Gear SitLight Pad - 1.7 oz.



Cocoon Ultralight Air-Core Pillow - 3.7 oz.



Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner - 5oz.



Marmot Plasma 15 - 1lb, 14 oz. (30oz).



Overall weight for the system... 54oz. (3.375 lbs).

Overall weight for just sleeping pad... 16.2 oz (1lb). The R value is probably 3.5ish. Since I use the small inflatable, I'm supplementing with my pack at my feet like you suggested.


The best thing about all this? Super compact and packable. Since every piece is really small (even the sleeping bag is small), I can cram it in anywhere in my pack. Also, I can get away without the mummy liner and pillow. But for half a pound I can wake up totally rested and the liner is great for storms - adds an extra 9 degrees to your bag (but very packable and small). Anyhow, I used this on a ton of alpine events this summer and it was excellent. Never felt cold, always seemed to sleep soundly (actually much better than when I had a much heavier system) and packing was a complete joy (easy to cram everything in and still have tons of space).


BTW, there are other options at Gossamer for closed cell that you might want to check out - good weight for pads, etc.


Good luck!


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I have a thin Evazotte pad I picked up at Pro Mountain Sports. It offers the same insulative value (or so it feels) as a Ridge Rest. Mine is full size and I thought about chopping it down, but I decided I like the full length as it keeps me bag dry from wet/snowy ground.

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Another option you my want to consider is the Pacific Outdoor Peak Oyl Elite Uber.




Pacific Outdoor utilizes Aspen Aerogel which has great insulative properties.


I use a Pacific Outdoor Uber High Mountain Sleeping Mat which you may still be able to purchase. Weight: 14 oz.

Size: 19" x 34.5" x 0.5"


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Closed cell sleeping pad evaluation chart


pad..................................R value...weight.....size

Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest Solar....3.5.....540g....183 x 51 x 2 cm

Therm a Rest Ridge Rest SOLite..2.8.....400g....183 x51 x 1.5cm

Therm a Rest Z Lite.................2.2.....410g....183 x51 x 2 cm

Zotefoams Evazote Winter.........2.1.....525g....150 x50x 1.5 cm

Zotefoams Evazote Extra...........2.1.....775g....185 x 60x 1.5cm

Zotefoams Evazote Standard.......1.6.....350g....150 x 50 x 1 cm

Zotefoams Blue Foam Regular......1.4.....220g....140 x50 x 1 c m

Zotefoams Blue Foam Long.........1.4.....275g....190 x 50 x 1 cm

Exped MultiMat.......................0.9.....340g....201 x 99 x 0.32


A few points stand out. The ThermaRest products are the clear winners as far as warmth-for-weight. The SOlite beats everything hands down, being better than 27% warmer than the z-lite even though slightly lighter. The Solar is 25% warmer than the solite, but 35% heavier..

Also, the much denigrated blue foam is not as warm as the thermarest products, but easily edges out the evazote, which surprised me. The evazote had reminded me of my old ensolite pad, and i dutifully carried the evazote winter on many an outing which didn’t entail carrying too much climbing gear. With a lot of gear, i’d bring my lighter ridgerest. Everyone raves about the evazote, so of course if i slept warmly, it was thanks to the pad, but if I slept coldly on the ridgerest, it was the pad’s fault. The numbers seem to point in another direction, though. And of course I’ve never bothered to note the actual temperature. hmm. the evazotes are dense. maybe too dense, like lead. Also, note that the zotefoams, for all their weight, don’t keep you covered lengthwise very well.

If you’re loathe to carry one of the new lightweight, compact inflatables in conjunction with a torso length foam pad, then 1 full & 1 half length pad will get you through most any night. This last winter & spring, I’ve slept very well with just 1 ridge rest solar. 1 solite and a half-length of blue foam would be warmer for around the same weight, but at the expense of more bulk.

Of course, these are backed up with your pack under your legs, rope flaked out, freeze-dried food packages, etc. when need be.

as a side note, last time i compared closed cell pads with inflatables,their edge lies in bulk to warmth, for when you need to cram in as much other gear as possible. if bulk is not that much of a consideration and you factor in prices, a good foam pad is still the way to go.

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That is some excellent information, really great.


The R values from Pacific Outdoor are brilliant if accurate.

R 4 for a 9OZ closed cell polyethylene pad looks great on paper.


Thanks Again.



"if accurate" is the key word. 9oz for a full-sized R4 rated pad would beat anything else on the market and leave them in the dust. and this is PO's "budget concious" offering for beginners. beats their own best high-tech inflatable warmth-to-weightwise by maybe 50%. too good to be true

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some food for thought...




that said, the therm-a-rest ridge rests are great. only downside I heard was that sometimes in the high-wear areas the metallized coating wears off (thus theoretically reducing the R-value). if i remember, though, the MSR rep claimed the reduction was insignificant because the "valleys" in the pad still had the coating.

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