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FS: Alpine Rock Climbing Course - Aug 21 – 25


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So I had a tragic cycling accident during Stage 22 of the Tour De France resulting in a dislocated elbow...




With my busted elbow- I need to find someone to fill my slot in my alpine rock climbing class. Once 10 years ago, I made the mistake of trying to rock climb with a fractured wrist and spent the better part of a year dealing with injury and re-injury. I'd like to think I've learned that lesson and instead I'm going to take it easy and heal. Sadly, there are no refunds within 59 days prior to course start date. Seeing as I'm just going to lose the money otherwise- I was hoping someone on CC would make me an offer and go in my place.


Here are the details:


Rock Climbing For Mountaineers with Alpine Ascents International



Rock climbing and glacier climbing are the two core skills necessary for comprehensive alpine climbing. This comprehensive five-day program provides the foundation for alpine climbing at all levels.


Aug 21 – 25, 2011

Course Location: Icicle Creek Canyon, Leavenworth, Washington


Cost: $800.00



Transportation to and from the Trailhead

Course Curriculum

Guide Fees (2:1 climber-to-guide ratio)

Park Fees

Group Equipment

Cotton Alpine Ascents T-shirt


Alpine Ascents is an awesome guide outfit. I've climbed Mt. Rainier with them twice including Liberty Ridge. There are 2 climbers and 1 guide for this course- so the money is well spent on hands on training. The guide is CeCe Mortenson (bio at: http://www.alpineascents.com/guides.asp) if you're curious.


As much as I'd like to recoup my $800- I'll take what I can get given short notice. Feel free to make me an offer or ask me any questions if you have them. I need to let them know ASAP if someone is going to fill in for me.


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There is not 22 stages in the tour? WTF!


Finally someone gets the joke!


It was just a normal cycling accident, here in Seattle on the Burke Gilman trail. Front tire slid out and I put my arm out to stop the fall- and wham- dislocated my elbow.

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