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Wobenzym suppliment for joints, pain and recovery.

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Heads up I have been trying this stuff out for a couple of months and it seems to really work. I take about 10 of these a night on a empty stomach, not cheep.


It seems to be helping a old joint injury, that with some iodine

supplementation that I am doing as well. I was told that wa state

soil is deficient in zinc selenium and iodine, also iodine deficiency is common, I have been taking a particular type of iodine supplement that was told to me to be better than most.



I have good results with the iodine supplementation. One or two

drops a day.


A effect of the Wobenzym is that my recovery time seems to be

greatly reduced after a trip out, maybe about half, not sure what

is going on, is the combination of iodine and the Wobenzym? or the

Wobenzym alone? I take a few other vitamins, a multi and a D vitamin.


If you have a joint injury I suggest checking out Wobenzym, do your own research and good luck.



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It is easy to overlook the Iodine supplement, I want to

stress that this supplement has had a great effect on

my energy levels, it stimulates the thyroid gland.


It is a common deficiency, in other words most people are

deficient in iodine.


The link I gave has two forms of Iodine in it, both

types are absorbed in different locations in the body.



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oh, i was talking about 10 wobenzyme pills - not the iodine


I've heard a lot of talk about thyroid / adrenal insufficiency. Although I'm sure it's overly hyped in the naturopath word and every hypocondriac yuppie from here to boulder suffers from it...I think it's a pretty interesting theory. We tax our system via stress, overproduce then shut down - kind of like Type II diabtetes?


I would be interested to hear the exact theories behind the syndrome, and behind the nutritional cure.

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Most table salt is supplemented with iodine. Unless your diet is exclusively based around sea salt/kosher salt/some other spendy salt rather than table salt, it's unlikely you are iodine deficient unless you are also sodium deficient.

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I found this link that mirrors pretty much a couple of

CD's that I was given of a radio broadcast.


I am given to understand that iodine in table salt is

designed to prevent gout, which is good, but to get the

full benefits such as heavy metal chelation you need more

than this, IF your table salt has Iodine in it. I have not

done extensive research, so if interested do your own

research, and good luck.


I am using Iosol brand which as two forms of Iodine, I could

not find this formula in the brands in the local health stores

and I understand there is a real difference.


I took a higher dosage at first about 4 drops a day and now

down to one drop a day, recommend to take it with selenium.


Like I said, do your own research, not my axe to grind, just

doing a heads up post.



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