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I was just staring at some pornograp...out the window, and dreaming of ice. And then I thought, we should have a pool to see when the first waterfall ice is climbed on the coast. Make that BC. So you can pony up with your best guess as to the first day of ice, and add to that where you think it will be. Prizes to the first person to climb something as well.

And before barrackroom lawyers like drool start in on it, yes ice has already been climbed in 2001, duh, but I'm talking about the natural season 01/02.


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If the weather gods cooperate (little snow, but cool air mass) I'd say it's likely that something that's more W than M grade will get done prior to Nov 12th. If one was willing to climb a bit to get to the base of a route, I think it's very possible to climb alpine waterfalls here as early as October 20th.



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how long does it have to be? (is 2m ok??)

could i lie down and hack my way along an ice rink (WI 1)?

if no to 2), does alpine water ice count? cause last year the waterfalls on N face of Old Settler froze up in end of Sept. ha ha I will beat you all to this one!!

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'Lillooet' is prime from December thru early March (really everything from Lytton north)

Whistler/Pemberton is a bit less reliable but often just as good during that time, especially the Birkenhead River.

Squamish and Fraser Valley are great when they come in but that is usually for about a week each winter, if that, and if they are in you can stay home and climb good ice in Washington.

Check out Serl/Kay West Coast Ice guide for more info.

Past Lillooet the next area with good ice is 3 Mile Gap at Revelstoke. There is some ice around the Okanagan but generally not a road trippin area.

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