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13 Year Old Attempts Everest

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It is amazing how many little thinkers there are and how envy and jealousy makes bitterness which just further keeps those that participate in this activity from accomplishing anything that is great themselves.


Seems so many would rather sit around and complain, make fun of, belittle, and tear down others, than to go out and make something of themselves!


It is amazing in a land where one can do, or be, anything that they truly want to be if they are willing to do whatever it takes to do it, how envy and jealousy make such bitter and negative people who do little to nothing with themselves to accomplish anything. The same time and effort would be better spent on moving one self further as opposed to the opposite. Why not just go out and do good works for others and make something grand out of one's self instead? Seems to be a more efficient, enjoyable and profitable way to spend one's time and energy.


:tup: Well said.


nothing says unthinking reactionary like slinging "envy" and "jealousy"

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I'd rather climb Kinga! Does she count, I mean, I'm dreaming for it!
Back off, aussie! Kinga's mine. Well, at least I'm working it. Your studliness and youth may prevail, though, but be aware that I'm not cockblocked yet! :)
Watch it, sobo, those polish chicks can be just as BSC as the red-headed irish ones. DAMHIK.


Polish chicks are worse than red heads! At least w/ the freckle faced red head they play before they bite. Polish women are like sharks or cats. First they kill then, they normally don't bother to play. It takes a real man to handle a Polish woman. Don't worry guys, I've got this one under control :grin:

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And now, he announces plans for an ascent later this year of Cho Oyu? Romero said he wanted to motivate young people. 'I am doing this to set an example for them and try to motivate them to get outdoors and set goals,' he said. And, and and make sure your parents are clueless and rich, too. :)

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I hope the parents have enough $$ to pay for the plane ride to the Vinson Massif plus guides. The boy needs to finish off the seven summit trek.


The kid is obviously motivated and in good shape. He deserves a big :tup: for that.


Having been on an expedition to that side of the mountain and talking to guided clients from other groups I end up shaking my head though.


Our route diverged from the North Col Route at the advanced base camp near the head of the east fork of the Rongbuk glacier. There were several groups with permits for the North Col Route camping there. One or two groups had guided clients.


Some of the guided clients had little if no experience climbing. One day, on reaching the advanced base camp, I ran into one client who told me that she had just come down from the North Col and that was her first time on a glacier. :shock:


Going to the area is a cool thing to do, but there are many cool climbing experiences a 13 year old can have that don't involve a huge pile of money. I have a lot of good memories from the low altitude Cascades.


If you (or your parents) have money and wish to spend it that way then good for you. Guides do diminish some important parts of the climbing experience though.


I suppose I can expect Asmith to post several long winded replies. :/ I need to work then hopefully go on my own wimpy (less than 8000 M) climbing trip.

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