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Banks Lake Ice Conditions

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I spoke with the web master and he said it was cool to do this but was to busy himself. Instead of searching through "local ice" and every week someone asking "what are conditions at Banks Lake?" I thought we could put up a few SPECIFIC THREADS for conditions. Certainly Banks lake is popular enough...of course it should include the area in General. If someone wants to post something on Lilloet or BC Coast Range Ice Conditions, start that as a NEW thread. Others can include "Cascade Alpine Conditions" "Volcano Conditions", "Back Country Ski conditions", Etc, etc..... Eventually Jon will fix this in the web page. This is just an idea and if it's bad then just say so and I won't take it personally. DPP

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Hi All- The idea of having a thread for each area/mountain is something that I've been wanting to do but haven't found the time to do it, so I thank DPP for getting my butt in gear. Originally this thread was posted in the climbers board, but I created a central/eastern washington forum and moved it here.

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Well if its for Banks lake,I was there today

and it was warm.

It was cold early,but once the sun started

hitting you it got warm.

Most of the routes are still in but the ice

is starting to go rotten.

WE climbed in the valley,right pass salt&pepper in the shade and it was o.k.

The botton has fallen off Zenith (again).

The punchbowl is still fat,and most of the

deathcicles have come down.

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Climbed at Banks on Saturday with Paul, it was a fun time! Alot of the ice around Banks was still in decent climbable shape on Saturday, but there was no one there, not even at the fat Punchbowl.

The warm winds and warm temps predicted this week will probably spell the end to a very long season.

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