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[TR] Snoqualmie Peak N Face - Calvin Klimb 12/3/2009


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Trip: Snoqualmie Peak N Face - Calvin Klimb


Date: 12/3/2009


Trip Report:

Trip: Snoqualmie Peak - Calvin Klimb


Date: 12/3/2009


Trip Report:

Medved, Taluscat and I headed up yesterday to Snoqualmie to have a look Pineapple Express. After botching the approach courtesy of the guidebook, we decided the route wasn't in amenable condition to allow a fast ascent, so we had a poke at a line on the subpeak to the right of Snoqualmie. We are tenatively calling the route Calvin Klimb until somebody tells us we're a bunch of wankers and the line was first done in the 50's. It is the second major corner from right on the subpeak.


First pitch was a nice mixed lead of snice, ice and frozen turf with good protection to a tree belay (60M). A blue alien was key pro in the crux. Second pitch was mostly easy snow to a nice airy traverse on good rock and a cam belay (55M). Third pitch headed up the corner system in moderate snice to a tree belay (55M), and a short bit of steep snow and mixed scramble got us to the summit of the subpeak and a nice whiff of Stanibaby's cologne. We hit the route in M4 conditions, but once better ice forms up the route should be easier.


Gear notes- cams to 4" and a selection of knifeblades, a stubby screw might be possible if there were any ice.


Kevin Hogan, Stanislav Zinkov, Lewis Rogers

Calvin Klimb II 5.8 AI3 60 degree 200M





First pitch





Following the first





Second pitch traverse





Second pitch traverse and the upper part of the route





Last pitch slot





Possible wankers



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Hi there. I *think* this is a shot of the same route in current conditions, but I'm not sure.


I took this wide shot and closeup of what I thought might be your route as we passed by on our way to the Slot Couloir last weekend.

(See my TR)



Is that CK the right? Or maybe the left, or neither. Can you clarify?



Here is a closeup of the route on the right, which seems like it might be Calvin Klimb from comparing your pics. But again, not sure.


Thanks, I'm trying to figure out the backside of Snoqualmie mtn. Maybe when I've got it puzzled out I'll try to get a wide shot of the face, draw in the lines, and post that for the convenience of the community.



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