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New Climbing related web site

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www.mtncommunity.org, a replacement for rec.climbing.useful, premiered on Monday, March 19, 2001.

The site is similar in format to CascadeClimbers.com, but is not geographically specific. It is a great place to get info on areas other than the PNW, and the standard gear tips, etc.

www.mtncommunity.org also has a Backcountry forum specifically for hikers and backpackers, and "The Pub", a place for outdoor enthusiasts to shoot the shit about topics other than climbing.

Come on over and check it out.

(posted with permission from Jon)


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Wow, over 5 years! This has to be a record on this board for reviving a dead thread... or at least breathing life back into a single post. smirk.gif


Toss that in Drus face! yelrotflmao.gif


And still a "wanker"? confused.gif


Thread revival skills are right up there with the greats!





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