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Lockerbie terrorist sent home to Libya


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I don't see why everyone's so pissed off at Scotland for releasing him (I will agree that Libya's hero's welcome for him was insensitive). Let him spend time with his family as he dies from cancer. The family didn't get convicted/sentenced for a crime.


Don't all the WASPs remember that Jesus forgives?

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Seems like you bumped your head when you fell off the idiot truck.


Don't you think it's a bit odd that families of the British victims are not opposed to his release, while the families of the American victims are?




The problem is with American culture. When something bad happens, we want to see someone fry, especially if that person is different from us. We don't even truly care if it's the right person, just as long as "justice has been served." As an example, 60% of convicted rapists/murderers who were later exonerated by DNA were African-American or Hispanic.



The notion that his release further emboldens the terrorists is laughable. If they're already willing to kill themselves in terrorist acts, there's not really any repercussions we can exact to act as a deterrent.


Furthermore what happens is the American people latch on to a few emotional sticky points that get repeated ad nauseam by the talking heads on FOX, and then the pollsters produce evidence that everyone else in politics must mirror the same behavior for their own survival.

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