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Garibaldi Neve conditions?

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I haven't been up there, but I noticed a report on Bivouac from May 2 saying that although the lake was still cross-able at the time, they figured it might be very close to the end of the season. I have been on the lake in May, and usually travel on it becomes a massive pain in the ass - alternating layers of slush and ice that you break thru, scare the shit out of yourself, and get soaked and cold. There is still often plenty of ice underneath all of this slush, so the risk of drowning is limited. But man, skiing thru that slush is really unpleasant.


The neve itself is probably OK. Just getting on and off of it will be a pain. The Spearhead is usually still a good bet at this time of year. No one on it, fast travel. Usually the lifts arte closed now, so you have to do it the old fashioned way - walk!


Otherwise, check out some other options where usually snow covered logging roads make winter trips impractical - go up the Ashlu and do Jimmy Jimmy. Drive to Meager Hot Springs and scoot up Harrison Hut. These are best as 2-3 day trips.

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Just did that traverse. It was great! I didn't think it was bad, but could've changed fast I guess? Still, if the lake isn't melted out, I see no reason it couldn't be done. Compared to washington standards the travel up there was a piece of cake.


TR from my trip.






I was up there april 28th to may 2nd climbing and skiing.

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Wow! 2thumbs.gif What excellent photos!!!


Unfortunately "just did" is relative and would be more than three weeks ago by the time we got there - plenty of time for conditions (e.g., the lake) to change. Looks like you hit it perfectly, though.


I'm feeling a bit jealous! notworthy.gif


(What kind of camera are you using, by the way?)

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