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Horn Lake still closed?


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I recently read somewhere (I think on Gripped) that Horne Lake is not closed, and that there has been recent new route and hard ascent activity.

Here, I found the article with a quick google search of "horne lake" "not closed". Looks like it is kind of old, so it probably doesn't help at all. frown.gif


That's the trashiest limestone I have ever climbed on, and I think one trip was enough for me! But I liked their gym in Nanaimo...very good ju ju.

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Well, I climbed some choss (at Horne Lake-not squish), but I didn't like it too much. I remember a couple of fun routes, but mostly not very asthetic.

Squish was ok. We climbed the first 2 pitches of U Wall. Can't wait to go back to do the real thing.

Cavey, just because I haven't been to Index with you, doesn't mean that I haven't been there or that I am missing out wink.gif

You know I mean that in a really nice way, right?!

I'll be there this Friday. Not sure if I'll be aiding or free climbing...

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That "Gripped news Flash" is a year old and predates the closure. Sorry.

holly if you thought Horne was choss you must have been climbing sub 5.12. i hear its really good on the harder stuff and roofs of caves, but the vertical walls are a bit trashy.

but no doubt it makes the rock in Marble Canyon look good. too bad they don't make full body helmets for the next time you try pavilion edge...

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