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Darrington this weekend


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I just have to say that your motives are just all screwed up man! One day you want to restore the rock to its original state, and the next day you want to rape the rock of its natural boita. Did you consider how many organisms you murdered when you scrapped that moss off? You must like killing bugs as much as bolts!!!

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Mattp, by low traverse meant the start you recommended to Dreamer by doing 2+ pitches of Safe Sex. Loved that start. I am pretty sure there were hangers on the steep slab. I skipped belay at top of SS #3 and tried to make the next anchors (SS #4) but couldn't so I put some slings on the upper bolt and did a hanging belay near the bottom bolt. (BTW this was about this time last year). After that went up a loose shallow flakey system 20 feet or so then traversed under a roof to dreamer middle of #6. I don't know if this makes any more sense than my original post. Would love to see the rest of SS. Even if work is involved. E-mail me at Dersan40@hotmail.com. About a 50\50 chance I'll be there wednesday to do Dreamer.

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