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Calf Raises

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Courtenay –


I have been doing standing calf raises with a tad bit over 400lbs. I think that this much weight is resulting in shoulder pain. Have you heard of this happening? Do you have any suggestions for calf exercises that do not require a bunch of weight on the shoulders. Seated calf raises do not seem like a good exchange. Would you suggest just dropping weight and going for more reps? I am currently do four sets of fifteen and holding 30” at the end of each set.





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You're right, Peter, seated calf raises actually work a different part of the calf (the soleus) than straight-leg calf raises (which primarily work the gastrocnemius). To save your shoulders and work the same part of the calf, try something like leg press calf raises -- your legs are still straight, as in the standing calf raises, but the weight no longer is on the shoulders as in a standing leg press where you have to have a yoke or (as in the Nautilus machine) harness on your shoulders. Another option is to try 1-leg calf raises (with less weight) to challenge balance at the same time as strength. Good luck.



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