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backbone with fin gear???


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Not the info I wanted. I don;t have a 6. Maybe I'll get one at REI... excuse me sir but I used it once and decided I didn't like the way it handled. That would be wrong : )


Thanks for the info.


i have a #6 you can stop in West Seattle and borrow for your climb. PM if you're interested.


My too. I'm in PDX

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The leader should take his pack off and haul it later. I climbed it like a chimney. Left arm towards crack, back againest the wall, and feet working the features on the wall. just scoot the #5 camalot along and your up. With the pack off it's not that hard

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Here she is:




We used a #4 low down, slung the chockstone and walked a #6 camalot up a ways before leaving it and then putting those last 2 pieces in at the end in the adjacent crack (small stuff). It was pretty secure stemming all the way up. Don't get suckered into trying to body jam into the crack, there's no need.

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