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Chehalis Range BC - Chehalis Lake Slide


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Poking around the internet I came across some info regarding the landslide that hit Chehalis Lake and took out the Chehalis River Road in the process. 500,000 cubic meters of debris and a 50' tall tsunami! Cool stuff.


Doesn't look like that's going to get repaired anytime soon so bad access just got worse. The road and slide are currently closed for public safety. I couldn't figure out where but I'm guessing it's no where near the slide. Doesn't look like I'll be getting to Grainger this summer.....



List of Pics


Following Link to Good Photos..they are ~3 MB


Picture of Slide


Tsunami Damage


Slide from Above

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This does not affect Chehalis Access as far as I can tell. That road was already washed out with no plans for it to be fixed. The way in now is via Mystery Creek with doesn't go near the lake. The Mystery Creek way was nice and smooth last year, you could do it a normal 2wd car with low clearance.

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Sweet. So if you take that left where do you eventually end up???


LMAO, how many times have I gotten down some logging road thinking shit why the hell didnt I ask where left takes me..


good one, have fun on Grainger a very nice peak!

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Pulled this off a 4X4 site


just delivered a brand new shiny yellow gate to the bridge at Skwelepil bridge..



KM14 to be exact..so it will be gated at the bridge soon just to let everyone know


Maybe Drew can elaborate on that for you or MCash can


or here is a number you may be able to call,


CHEHALIS-MYSTERY Industrial Use Forest Service Road - Teal Cedar Products 604-869-9965

Seasonally deactivated. Four-wheel drive access only



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