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Marmot Alpinist climbing pants


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The Item:Alpinist Climbing Pants, brand new, never worn, size L, black, cat. #3111.

The Story:These pants were bought in 1998, after a fruitless search for the "electric blue" version of same. After eventually finding the blue ones at sierra trading post, the Bellevue store would not take the black ones back on return, nor even for store credit. mad.gif" border="0 This was the very store where I bought them, and I still had the receipt! Even today, they still have the tags attached, for chrissakes! [Wazzup]confused.gif" border="0

The Offer:These pants cost me over $300, after sales tax added. I would like to get at least $200 for them - period. Shit, I'll even pay the postage. Anyone interested? Remember, they've NEVER EVEN BEEN WORN!

If you would like more info on construction, features, etc. see your Marmot catalog or post a reply.

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Fine. Buy them from REI if you want to, and you'll pay $15 more than what I want for them, PLUS you'll be paying 8% sales tax, shipping, blah blah blah. So, if you buy them from the Death Star, you'll be into it for about $250.


Or you can give me the $200 bones and i'll send them to you for free. DO THE MATH! [big Grin]


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