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Any Info On Synchro Log Crossing?


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Suck it up and go look I highly doubt its gone..follow Dons map watch for flagging and have a look along the river..too dark then wait till later in the year when you have more daylight or hit something along the Duffey on on day 1 then save some time and suss it out in the afternoon then ace the approach on day 2


The log is massive and very easy to spot..as don said though it is a bit hair raising when its icy in the morning





park at the bridge so you dont get towed

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I have walked out from the climb to the bridge along the riverbank and it is not bad so all the "oh no the log is gone" whining is pretty funny. Just do it.
I've gone in along the riverbank a couple of times and it wasn't that bad. Once, we even shepherded a guy with a dislocated shoulder back to the bridge by headlamp, and he was able to move along easily enough.
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we hiked the river today, it sucked. there was a crust layer underneath 6 inches of fresh that broke through randomly every ten steps...


but the climb was pretty cool! a little rotten from the sun exposure, good sticks but bad screws.


seems like the avy danger is high now with that crust layer underneath, it rained here Monday then got cold.

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