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Binding help needed

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Well, I told my kids I was done buying crap for them and that I'm now number one. (not entirely true as I did buy my boy another board and some flow bindings so that count is now like 4).


However, I just counted the brand new downhill skis in my basement and the count is 4 but there may be 5. Most were picked up on SAC sales.


None have bindings and the snow is about to fly. I ski hard, resort skiing - but I'm over 50 and need good bindings.


What do you Snowwhores here recommend ?


Do you suggest I figure out how to mount them myself? Where can I get a good deal on high end bindings for 4 sets of skis?






BTW, I have a pair of the Black Diamonds I'm thinking of mounting an AT binding on. Recommendations?

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I'm no skiwhore, but work in a shop so have to sit through a lot of clinics. The best new presented from my humble opinion is Marker's new line, (includes the jester, but not limited to it, forgot the second name). I work with guys that absolutely hate Marker, and those that absolute love marker. Cost aside these puppies look like they might just foot the bill for what your looking for, or will at least offer a good comparison to others. I spend 99.9% of my time on rock, so don't take this as sage advice...



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I like groomed runs at high speed. I especially like to get air at high speed. I like steep if it's groomed and have only had maybe 2 good powder days in my life. Crud makes me fall. I like speed, so that isn't a good thing. This air thing is different than "Big" air, of which I got too much in High school to the point where a tall jump scares the shit out of me and reminds me of the time I almost broke both knees coming down from way up high when both ski bindngs released and my knees slammed into the boards.


I don't know the din settings, my kid went to college a few years back and she was the only one who knew what that was in the house.


Although the coin is unlimited. I am a cheap sob, to the xtreeme, and looking for a deal. But, I have always settled for second best so my kids could have 1st choice and top shelf or I could bank the scratch in case they needed it later, (explains why I can't ski powder well, had cheap skis all my life and never would pony up the $), and would not mind buying the good stuff, as long as I really do get safer releases, truely, and not just marketing hype.

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So here's my suggestion. Go down to your local ski shop/mountain shop and see what they have laying around that they are trying to get rid of. Ask them to figure out your din and pick something with that # near the middle. Match it with what you can afford to spend and your done. Ask them to throw in the mount. It's that easy. If a binding company wasn't making safe products they would be out of business. Period. Then go skiing. Buy some skins and go skin around pick a line and go skiing.


I am amazed how many posts are about gear and not turns in Fresiez.. Shees.

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