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Ushba Basic Ascender


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I got one and love it. Not just an ascender but a mechanical prussik and a great device for self-belayed toproping. Also you can use it as a floating fix in point so you can jumar without daisy chains. I bet it will clean my laundry and mow my lawn too if I figure out the Cyrillic instructions.


I have never used the Petzl Shunt but I heard this is a better self-belay.


You can buy them at Climb-On in Squamish and probably lots of other places too.

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Hey Dru,

I have that one too great for everything including hauling (for resetting the mechanical advantage sys). it can slide up and down no problems. And way better then the Shunt on TR. (my friend has it…he envies me…) for self-belay. Also the strength rating on it is higher

BTW I have the handheld version too, in right hand grate for fix rope on alpine routes but really suck for aid (hard and complicated to operate in one hand)



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