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Mt Stuart South Approach question


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I've seen some folks approach Cascadian via Beverly TH and some via Esmeralda TH.


Can anyone give me a comparison in terms of distance, gain/loss, etc.?


I'd never turn down a route drawn on a topo, either, but I have the one from Beverly on Alpineslider.


Since nobody on here actually admits to climbing that route without skis, research has been tough!

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Approach via Esmerelda is flat, but long. Like 12 miles long, if I remember correctly. You pretty much hang a right off the trail, go up a meadow (I'm sure there is a trail) and into the Cool-r.


Long's Pass is sucky, but it's much shorter than Esmerelda. I've heard of people making the long trip along Esmerelda easier with bikes, but I don't think that is legal.


I don't think the Asscadian Cool-r needs a topo. The picture in the Becky Guide will get you in the correct choss gulley, follow it to the shoulder, then take the easiest scramble to the top.

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