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Sleeping Bag Decisions

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Viktor = agree on Nelson, good guy, bit odd but mostly in a good sense, straight shooter.


"13 years old -5 degree synthetic bag (still going strong, I think it's made of steel)"

Holy shit batman...13 years? It must be a 60 degree bag by now. (Tupperware) Then again, the orginal synthetics tended to last considerably longer but were heavier and less compressible than they are today.

"I like to sleep on snow in a bivi bag, which can make for pretty bad condensation, wet toeboxes etc. so I figured I'd stick to synthetics."

I assume on a mattress/ thermarest/ ridgerest? If so I still think it is time to get down brother.

"Any good or bad experiences with primaloft?"

Integral designs is one of the quiet companies out there that make very good products at damn good prices. Usually very simple and lightweight.

RE: Primaloft. It has a reputation as being the lightest and most compressible of the synthetics...and the quickest to breakdown. Actually you don't see it used much anymore. It was very common in coats and gloves. 2 cents on that.

"Can anyone suggest one or two down bags I could check out that are comparable to the renaissance in terms of warmth"

Best down = Feathered friends. Marmot makes some excellent bags as well. Also, if you can get your hands on a Moonstone 800-fill they loft up with the best of them.

Best for the money = -5 REI Downtime with Elements.

To carry the weight and bulk or not to carry the weight and bulk? That is the question.

My 2 cents and your decision. Good Luck

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I was looking for a link to something in an old post when I stumbled across this one. I thought it was funny; now he's getting bags for free. Heh heh.

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I hear there is a newer company called nunatak that makes a light down sleeping bag without a zipper, and also a half bag. Has anyone used their stuff?


I have the Arc Specialist with an Epic shell and 2 oz overfill. It weighs right at 18 oz. Keeps me warm down to at least freezing with just a baselayer. Packs down to nothing and good quality 800 fill down that perks right back up. Even at freezing I have not had to tighten the straps on the bottom. Once you go quilt you don't go back. The freedom of movement is unbeatable.


I also have an Arc Alpinist with 4 oz overfill that is my winter bag. I have slept down to single digits in the Rockies and been perfectly comfy, using an Exped Downmat 7, cannot recommend that highly enough either. The only caveat as a winter bag is something on your noggin. Nunatak makes a down balaclava, I wear my R1 Hoody and the BMW Cocoon Polarguard Balaclava from the BackpackingLight.com website. My quilt weighs 1 lb 14 oz and will keep me warm to at least zero, and with a down jacket even lower.

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I was about to respond to the initial post by saying, "Why are you asking us for advice, Colin?" Then I saw the thread date. Now he fields FAQ during his slideshows. Good find Eddie.

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