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road ain't gonna be open anytime soon! we have 136 base right now at the west village lodge so I wouldn't hold your breath.

you can still get easy access to bt via dutchman flat snow park. I think the hike to the crater opening is only about 4 miles from the road.

it will take a bit more work to get back to the NW ridge, but nothing huge.

a gal i work with has been skiing the NE aspect near tam mcarthur rim (she tours in via ball butte) and says it has been pretty nice.

i'll try to hike back tomorrow or wednesday and take some pics for ya. in the mean time you can check out my web cam to see a shot of south sister. see the main page.cam_2.jpgTIMM@Y

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i can't recomend any route on that mountain after it warms up from experience. we were there for three days last weekend and it was really nice weather, climbing and the skiing was some of the best i've done. we did not summit. I think it is possible to get to the summit right now but only if you don't use a crater route. the 9,11 and high noon routes would go but there was windslab and cornice danger (read; tunnel or climb over it) and we were not willing to risk it. We did reach the crater rim by the easy route (via a notch at climber's 2:00), but when we looked over I saw that the whole side was corniced and that we would have to rap over (freehanging for ~100 feet onto steep, hard snow) to even see the rest of the route. the part of the route i could see looked like a very steep and exposed traverse to an all-snow and ice climb reaching over 60* and exposed to cornices as well. from the crater high noon would be the best option in my opinion b/c i would rather climb steep snow and ice (and then traverse a mini yokum!!) than slog thru windslab under a cornice.

i took a lot of photos and will email them to anyone who asks as soon as i get them scanned.

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