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Winter Skiing in MRNP


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I've only spent a couple days at Crystal but we skied down towards 410 and climbed back out. It sounds like this is a lot like the CakeHole on Whistler. It's possible to ski out w/o a snowmobile but much faster and enjoyable if you get a sled tow out.

I might have to find out.

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One of my favorite tours of all time is to skin up chair 4 at Crystal to Henskin Lake and continue up to the threeway exit chute and up and over the ridge to Crystal Lake for some lunch and nature sit. By the way, I have seen some rather awesome ice on the north side of crystal peak that deserves ssome further recon work. If you like, take chair 6 up to the top of campbell basin and traverse over to threeway and drop down into Crystal Lake. This is also a great ski traverse to sourdough gap and Chinook Pass. Then back up and over for a great ski down into Silver Basin and back to the base of crystal. By the way, we will be spendind new years snow camping in that area so if you are interested do not hesitate to pm me .

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