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  1. Metolius Power Cams

    I have the Metolius Power Cams from 6+ years ago. I used them for a few seasons and I did not like them over the BD Camelots so I want to sell them, all of them as a set for $200. That is less than $30 per cam. Can meet in Ballard or Fremont for pick up. Metolius Power Cams *1-7
  2. I have some very lightly used Russian Titanium Ice Screws that will be great for any climber looking for so leaver gear to supplement v-threads or ski mountaineering/glacier travel rack. $40 or OBO for the the lot and they are in Ballard for pick up.
  3. Nice trip! I skied Deception last year and the East Face looked possible with more snow, and Martin looked like fun as well!
  4. [TR] Sloan Peak - NW Face and gully 4/16/2013

    Great line, way to nail it! The upper part of your route, was that the Corkscrew route gully?
  5. I have been the Blue Mountain Grill below the Twin Sisters in Acme, this is near Bellingham, cool find!
  6. [TR] Sloan Peak - Corkscrew Route 6/27/2006

    I climbed it from the Sloan Creek TH and had a great trail almost to the glacier.
  7. AVI Probes

    As a tool for rescue and safety, 280 should be the minimum length out of respect for any future partner your ride with. Debris is commonly 6-10 feet deep so 280 is a good basline to work with. There are many case studies regarding the failure of short and skinny probes breaking or failing to go deep enough. I have a BD 300 and find it easy to use.
  8. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    I have a snow suit for that age, pm me if you want it.
  9. [TR] Eldorado - West Arete 7/24/2010

    It is a stellar route. I asked Jim why he took it out and he mentioned the rock quality for the first part of the ridge made him think twice about keeping it the book. The gendarmes are some the most interesting climbing on the route and in that area of the Cascades. Definitely a sandbag grade III.
  10. recommend a boot-fitter

    Jim Mates is a professional boot fitter on 65th, done it for 20+ years and Martin at Sturnvant in Bellevue.
  11. Seoul???

    I have topos of the main climbing areas in town, Insubong and Dobungsan 3 to 7 pitch granite domes, accessible by bus and train. Namdaemun is the market with the climbing gear. email me if you want topos in english. Great climbing!
  12. Question about the Top of Sahale

    I would disagree, the upper part of the Quien Sabe can be steep and icey this time of year. The 4th class is easy going up and you can rappel easily down with 40-50 meter rope. You can solo, just be prepared for some ice from 7,700' to 8,500'and a few larger crevasses. There usually is an anchor at the top to rappel from.
  13. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    This is an awesome way to stay motivated, you should have your own blog! I think I have a potential solution for the winter, check out crossfit http://www.crossfit.com/ they can be a good source of wintertime workouts, short and sweet! Keep it up and you will send Rainier in no time!
  14. Glacier Peak -Whitechuck Access?

    The bridge and most of the Whitechuck road was washed out as well. You access the Sitkum and Frostbite from that side. The Whitechuck you access from Red Pass and North Fork of the Sauk.