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BC Weather Predictions


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The weather forecast for Skaha last weekend sucked: 30 - 60% chance of rain . . . but we had a cabin rented so went anyway. So glad we did - didn't rain until 4:00 on Saturday so we got a lot of climbing in and then it was gorgeous on Sunday. Was hard to leave for the drive back!!!


So roll the dice and go!

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woa woa woa...roll the dice...no forecast out past 4 days..come on now..just wait till a big high pressure rolls in ill give you 14 days!


First this weekend is gonna be fine, but actually you will find better waeather at squish than skaha this weekend..skaha will be fine but squish will be better, ill spare you the why's..just dont rush any where fri morning thats the only chance of showers..this forecast this weekend you can hang your hat on..go ahead and make plans for squish Mon will be fine as well,maybe a few afternoon clouds, the weather network is wrong and e.c wont put out there forecast for mon till tomorrow.


edit today weather networks has come around to a better forecast and E.C has gone with full sun..lookin good!

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