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Big Lou


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Don't nobody want to talk about Big Lou? I guess nobody from the hot tub party is chattin' on these boards.

Another episode in this brilliant book has been bothering me lately. This larger than life alpine super hero reveals a more vulnerable side to his personality when he speaks on the topic of fear. We learn that Big Lou uses fear as a survival instinct, and that he feels fear has kept him alive all of these years. He goes so far as to say that even Big Lou gets butterflies the first couple of days on a big wall.

Big Lou gets big wall butterflies. Isn't that something? By the way, anybody out there ever seen Big Lou on a big wall, say, smashing a bashie or rigging a porta-ledge? I think we're all aware of his legendary ability to hump a big pack in the snow, but big wall butterflies? Big Lou on a big wall? If you know any details of Big Lou's big wall score card, let's hear about it!

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Hey Pope, meet me at the chopper pad! Somebody give me a rope!

Regarding your questions, Miles Mellough knew who he was. Maybe he'll tell ya. But his price may be too high.

BTW, construction is Big Lou's work. Climbing is his hobby.

Why the hell did you read that book *twice*??!!

Here's a few Big Lou-isms, for those unfamiliar with the book (he is something of a philosopher, according to the co-author):

"Jim came out of the womb 10 minutes before me. And I've hated waiting in lines ever since."

"Ahhhhh! The mountain's really showing off!"

"Invariably a novice climber will confide in me that he's afraid of heights. I always reply, 'So am I! That's why I'm still around.'"

"You can check out of this life at any time. That's why I try to live my life to the fullest every day."

Thankfully, that's all I can recall. Cheers.

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