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  1. There Are Many Annapurnas.....

    Pope, 513 posts. How nice. Now you got a woman as your role model. How terrible. "I didn't quit because of religion...I quit because of mathematics." How true. You ever heard of Jack Armstrong?
  2. Eiger Sanction Quiz II

    Ooops! "Broiled lobster tails" is the missing item.
  3. Eiger Sanction Quiz II

    "French onion soup, crab-meat cocktail, and a Wild Turkey on the rocks." Pope, here's one for you: A) Who are the "Eiger-birds" in the movie, and how does Big Ben Bowman verbally react to two of their inquires? B) Who does he mistake for an "Eiger-bird?" [This message has been edited by Hemlock (edited 08-29-2001).]
  4. Eiger Sanction Quiz II

    42 "At age 42 I shall perhaps become the oldest man to ever climb the Eiger." [This message has been edited by Hemlock (edited 08-29-2001).]
  5. Eiger Sanction Quiz II

    RMI? With Big Lou? If this isn't correct, then that's where He ought to have gone... "My guides are qualified to guide on any route on Mt. Rainier or any damn hill anywhere on the planet." - Big Lou [This message has been edited by Hemlock (edited 08-25-2001).]
  6. Wise-Ass Wisdom

    "There's nothing in the realm of human understanding that can stifle the imagination of the male hormone." - The Coach "I can't tell you how many times I've raided the kitchen shelves looking for ANYTHING with pectin in it. You see something came out around 1984 that changed everything..." - The Coach "You gotta keep a positive nitrogen balance at all times if you want muscle growth. I'm NOT talking about muscle memorization. I'm talking about muscle growth. Keep it positive when you eat, when you sleep, when you screw, when you work, when you work out, when you screw, when you drink, when you screw, when you ride the bus, and when you screw. One way to do this is to eat a dozen eggs a day. A dozen eggs. What's that? That's a buck. A f*cking buck." - The Coach "Throw the ball, boy." - Foghorn Leghorn.
  7. Wise-Ass Wisdom

    "The weather's trying to kill you." - Alaskan Bush pilot. "The first rule of guiding is - the client is going to try to kill herself. The second rule is - she's going to try to take you with her." - Big Lou. "Shut up and belay." - V. C.
  8. Lots of Gear For Sale!

    Well, I saw a guy eat a lightbulb once, so I'll believe your Damnation Crack story.
  9. Eiger Sanction Quiz!

    Poooooope. Wham! Wham-wham! You'll be all right, Pope. "You'll be on the second floor with the other climbers. Room 216. I'll have your luggage sent up immediately." "Yeah. And tell them to send up a case of beer." Ok, I'm back in. It's just your charm, Pope. I couldn't resist. Here's another question for *you* (integrating both mathematical and Eiger-esque components) : How would you ensure a safe experience if Aunt Jemima, Madam Montainge, and Ms. Buns wanted to have a foursome with you, and you only had two "pieces of protection?" [This message has been edited by Hemlock (edited 05-23-2001).]
  10. Eiger Sanction Quiz!

    I will voluntarily drop out of the contest. Pope: I noticed that all your questions refer to scenes near the beginning of the movie. Have you really seen the entire film or do you always fall asleep before the end? Here's the next question, since JCassidy (aka Miles) got the previous one correct: What is the beer of choice for both Jonathan and Big Ben Bowman? (I'm confident that Pope "will allow me that." It's the price he must pay to get me to listen.)
  11. Eiger Sanction Quiz!

    Gerg: Ben Bowman: "You want a beer?" Hemlock: "You gonna call room service?" BB: "Oh, we got beer." H: "You're crazy if you hauled beer up here." BB: "I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. You did. It's in your pack." H: "Jesus. I ought to throw you off this goddamn pillar. Besides, it's warm." BB: "I thought you'd draw the line at hauling ice." [This message has been edited by Hemlock (edited 05-22-2001).]
  12. Eiger Sanction Quiz!

    "Yurassis Dragon" is the full name of the C2 mastermind - "A bloodless freak" according to Hemlock. Next question.
  13. Big Lou Jr.

    Donna Top-Step exists. She is a heart-breaker. I don't know if she gives a good bivouac (that's French for mistake, Charlie, according to Big Lou), since she backed away in fright once when the opportunity arose. Her solo of C Crack at "the Clees" rocked!
  14. Big Lou

    Hey Pope, meet me at the chopper pad! Somebody give me a rope! Regarding your questions, Miles Mellough knew who he was. Maybe he'll tell ya. But his price may be too high. BTW, construction is Big Lou's work. Climbing is his hobby. Why the hell did you read that book *twice*??!! Here's a few Big Lou-isms, for those unfamiliar with the book (he is something of a philosopher, according to the co-author): "Jim came out of the womb 10 minutes before me. And I've hated waiting in lines ever since." "Ahhhhh! The mountain's really showing off!" "Invariably a novice climber will confide in me that he's afraid of heights. I always reply, 'So am I! That's why I'm still around.'" "You can check out of this life at any time. That's why I try to live my life to the fullest every day." Thankfully, that's all I can recall. Cheers.
  15. Here's a test

    alpine: There... huh?