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Rainier in late December


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I know that something like only 200 people successfully summit Rainier in the winter. Last year I missed a genuine winter ascent by TWO lousy days. I'll be down in Seattle for Christmas, and have a few extra days to play around...I'd like to at least attempt a climb.


The days are short, nights are cold, weather will be foul, and snow will be deep.


I'm looking at something like the Nisqually Icefall, Gibraltar Chute, Fuhrer Finger/Thumb. I did the Gibraltar Ledges last March with Soggyendo34...but March is a hell of a lot different than the dead of December.


I guess my question is this: has anyone had any luck at this time of the year? What routes were done? What were the overall conditions?


I've got an open mind. I doubt I'll even get a chance to drive down to the park. I'll just kind of wait by the door for a break in the weather, maybe go up to Muir with 5-6 days of food and wait, wait wait. I need a partner who can do the same.

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Im planning a solo ski run down the Emmons from Liberty cap in 2 weeks.

If you can hang on skiis, your more than welcome to come.

My permit is already approved, but Im sure I can change it to a 2 or 3 person party asap.


Let me know.

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pretty slim dates Roc...looking like Dec 27- Jan 2, 3 at the most.


Probably won't happen unless we get an incredible weather window. If I had more time, I'm sure I could probably be more optimistic, but I doubt I'll catch any luck. Oh well, if nothing else I'll do something, maybe something in teh Olympics.

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