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Red Rocks near Thanksgiving


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The City of Rocks? This time of year? Bad idea. Lived in Montana for a while and found that the City- being HIGH IN ELEVATION- usually has snow from Nov-May. Catch it on a warm day and wear gators/snow boots for approach shoes.... if you can even drive in there. A better bet is to (gasp!* sport climbing is *neither*) hit up the 1000+ short routes nearby at Massacre Rocks. Sunny, warm, belay-from-your-tent kinda place year-round, and it's right off the highway from where you turn to the longer drive to City. Though, true, the City is a dream if the setting is right.


I'd be up for a fri-evening-to-thursday-evening around thanksgiving trip to Red Rocks. Know the place well. Would mind Wild Turkey, Epenepherine, etc, if you're in for it.

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Things are popping now. 1280 mi Tacoma to Vegas, 23 hr drive. I'm replacing some of my stoppers w/ tricams and breaking out the helium biners for qd's and slings. Hmm, should I bring rabbits for a longer reach? I can't remember what we used most of for slings last time.


Massacre Rocks sounds like a good stopover point. I'll look it up.

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