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Who wants to climb?

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Looking for weekday morning partners for the summer. I have to be back in Seattle by 2:30, but with an early start that should be plenty of time to get some routes in. I would prefer index or little si, but I could be persuaded elsewhere (bouldering). Have gear and all that. I would prefer experienced tradsters, but I’ll climb with any skill level as long as you can provide a safe belay and don’t mind catching some whippers.

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That would fit my schedule quite well. Keep me in mind. Though my finger is hurt right now cry.gif


If there's a reasonable amount of interest it would be cool to set up a weekly morning (Index Tuesdays?) where cc.commies and whomever can just show up and have a good chance of hooking up with a partner or three.


Whattaya you think (and I talking to YOU, not just Choss cRawler here)?


Tuesdays or Thursdays would be best for me once July rolls around, but any morning is probably about the same until then.

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I have off Tues, Weds & Thursdays and work nights Fri-Mon (in Seattle by 3pm). All my old partners are 9-5ers it would be great if a weekly thing could be set up. Have vehicle, rack, rope and deep need to climb willing to be a belay slave if I can't follow. Lead 5.8 trad, 5.10 sport. Also drive back and forth between Seattle and Spokane so Vantage or Leavenworth could work as well.

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