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Physical Condition for climbing


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Eating fat is a different issue, we were talking about body fat. I know damn well that eating fatty foods gives you way more energy when working hard. Whether working on the farm or hiking/climbing, bacon and eggs for breakfast gets you further than oatmeal. I suspect that our traditional breakfasts are cultural remnants of a time when people worked a helluva lot harder than we do now.


Anyway, the issue is whether the extra weight of excess body fat has enough benefit to make it worth carrying. 10 lbs of speck, or muktuk, or pemmican whatever, and one pound of fleece, will give you way more energy and insulation than the equivalent weight of fat under your skin.

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Here is the Bogen method for weight loss, which I don't practice much in winter laziness, but reassume every spring:

1) Exercise at least to the point of a light sweat first thing in the morning, BEFORE you eat. If you are short on time, find whatever exercise will make you sweat fastest, and do that, but make sure you do it every day.

2)DO NOT eat anything in the evening if you can avoid it. Plan ahead to eat early, if you have to eat late, eat really light.


I'll second that, I use the same tactics to drop any excess pounds I acquire over the winter season, it works very well. Additionally, I make sure that I eat throughout the day so that I never get too hungry, and at each meal eat to the point of satiation, but not beyond, especially at dinner. If you are going to eat a big meal, it is better to do it earlier in the day, and eat a smaller dinner.

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ccharles & bogen:

What you guys are describing is what is called a "diet", in the US. You are suppose to give it a catchy name and write a book. Watch the fad catch on and then die off after 12 months. In the meantime, you have profitted from your "incredible discovery". "A revolutionary, cutting edge way to burn fat". "The magic bullet."




The rest of the world calls it "everyday life".


Some scientist on the Discovery channel was saying, at the rate obesity is growing in the US, that 100% of the population in the US will be obese in 70 years. I find that hard to believe but something better change because there will never be that magic pill everyone is waiting on (as they stuff their faces).

Not saying anyone here is obese and i wish no one was:(

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