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Climbing near Palm Springs?


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There is good mountian bike trails in La Quinta... La Quinta sits back off the main hyw thing, desert somtin, anyway you can get to them through most of the subdivitions along the mountain base... its back by PGA west, sort of... the only climbing I've found actually near town is just some shitty bouldering... If you want solatude, go to Pionear town, just west of yucca valley. Its just like JTree except not climbed much and no people... less rock, but no seeing a hundered other people is worth it. oh and there is good mountain biking up there too....

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Take time to enjoy the dry, healthful desert air.

This photo of Prof. Edmund Weatherby III admiring this fine specimen of Yucca breifolia was taken in winter 1948.

Traveling east from Los Angeles, the trip to Palm Springs took three days.

Our man Weatherby pored over each new wonder the desert produced with great interest.

Hardly stopping long enough to inspect this bayonetted Joshua tree,he posed in the shade for this photo.

Catching sight of some other oddity of nature, he was off again. 382912-The%20Joshua%20trees%20of%20California.JPG


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