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Best Newbie Climbs


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Indeed, it often is a condescending way to describe a climb but I'd say it is also a rather vivid one that is succinct and has significant meaning -- and the meaning os not necessarily sexist or critical of women. Nat makes a good point about how his reaction to his wife's fluctuating confidence level or fear might be different than his reaction to some other partner's, but I think he understates the matter significantly. For the same or similar reasons to the fact that ski instructors always try to separate couples or parents with their children, I think it is quite important to pick low-stress outings at least at the outset of one's climbing career with their wife or girlfriend and unless they have something to prove, I bet most women would pick a very comfortable climb for their first outing with their new boyfriend, too.


My advice to anybody taking their newbie wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/gay lover/or their child climbing is to pick a very easy outing, preferably to a place where you know exactly what to expect. If you have some kind of competitive thing going with them where this would be an insult of some kind, or beneath you, I think the odds are great that you are not going to enjoy climbing with them anyway.


I've seen not only any possible interest in climbing destroyed by being overly ambitious, but I've seen it take a serious toll on relationships as well.

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So I guess you wouldn't approve of my "date shoes". Women's size 6. They fit a long list of girlfriends (wait,,,, Im starting to get it.... Nope. Don't get it) one of which still climbs. Come to think of it, she may have run off with the shoes.

Anyway, how many girls do you know who climb? Now how many guys do you know who climb? Now I have had my butt kicked by a girl climber or two but the reality is, there are not many girls who really get into it. Woe to the male climbing community. Climbing = celebacy, (let's not get into that masturbation theme again). So, for the most part, while I always dreamed of finding a girl who could cook, clean, and climb, most of them were not into climbing. So when we did go out, it was on something easy so it would be fun for everyone (celebacy sucks).

So I hope I haven't pissed you off or anything. wave.gif

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