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Congrats to Bill Painter, 80 Years Young


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If I am posting this to the wrong section of the board, please forgive and advise otherwise. Bill is a Cascade Climber who live and trains in Richland, Washington (on the east side for those who don't know).


On Monday November 18th 2003, Bill Painter, 80 years young, climbed Badger Mt. for his 1000th time. Badger is a steep mountain, with about nine different routes. This marks 900,000 ft of elevation gain on Bill's way to his goal of 1,000,000' on Badger.


Bill began climbing Badger Mt. (Benton County, Washington) for training and fitness in March of 1998 at the age of 76. Since then he has also summitted:

Mt. St. Helens 2x

Mt. Adams 2x

Mt. Stuart

Mt. Rainier 2x

Enchantment Peak

Little Anapurna (Washington Enchantments)

Matterhorn Peak (Oregon Eagle Cap Wilderness)

Mt. Kala Patar (18,200' Nepal)

and others.


He has also ascended to 21,000' altitude at Camp Indepencia on Cerro Aconcagua, Argentina.


Not too bad for starting a little late


I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill for the past year. He is remarkable...I also train on Badger and have recently began training with Bill. Holy Crap, this guy is in shape. Badger is a 900' steep climb that is excellent for training. Bill regularly carries about 35 lbs and I carry 55...you'd think the 40 year age difference would more than even out, but Bill's pace regularly leaves me panting in his tracks.


Bill is a real hero to me. He served in WWII in Europe as an infantryman in the foxholes. Landed in France six days after D-Day and fought all the way to Germany. His unit misseld the Battle of the Bulge only because they were sent to man the line at the siege of Brest during the German counteroffensive (Brest held out till the end of the war, with the US maintaining a siege which they beefed up during the Bulge for fear the Germans would also attack from there).


Bill is determined to be the oldest man to climb Rainier.


Anyway, 1000 times up Badger at any age is a major achievement and I wanted to honor Bill by posting it here. If you can catch Bill, congratulate him! cool.gif

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I have had the dubious life of trying to keep up with my dad. When I tell him about a climb, he says yah, he did it too, only in mid winter. rolleyes.gif He is 79 years old, works out 6 days a week, and for the last 30 years has spent the whole month of August climbing in the bavarian alps in Germany. Technical stuff still.

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