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Intermediate climbing from The Mountaineers


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I did not take Thinker's post as good-natured humor. My previous post had been an attempt to correct some misinformation concerning the Mountaineers. Fenderfour was either intentionally (as a troll) or unintentionally confusing Basic Climbs with Intermediate Climbs.


I regard PM's as confidences (even though the site managers can access them). To be mocked with my own PM is something I consider dishonorable, not playful. I have received all sorts of PMs, many of which I would love to share with the rest of you, but I do not out of respect for the sender (especially trask).


Eric8, you can verify for yourself that it is rare for me to go off on someone. Your comment is specious on its face.


CBS, I did not divulge or post the content of your PM, only the fact that you sent me one. That's no more that what you've done in your post above by revealing that you and Trask have corresponded via PMs.


It's clear that poking fun at the Mounties strikes a raw nerve in you and generates some .......interesting...... responses. But Mountie poking is a time honored tradition here, one that won't go away no matter how many times you try to point out how unjustified it is in your opinion.


Do cc.comers lump all the branches of the Mountaineers together in one big stereotype? Sure they do! Are there differences? Probably. Is anyone here really going to listen to your points about the differences? I'm sure the few who are earnestly seeking to discover the differences can read between the lines and see the subtle differences.


Is it wrong to lump the basic and intermediate classes together? Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure the overall philosophies regarding risk management and group dynamics are similar, if not the same. Most here probably don't make the distinction.


After 5 pages of discussing the issue inside and out, with good points made on each side, I find it odd that you choose to get so bent out of shape now.


My post above was clearly spray, and intended to be humorous. We all know how seriously you take this issue. So, if I pushed your buttons at the wrong time, I apologize. But get over it....it's just a bunch of words on the internet. If you really allow this to carry over into real life, i.e. calling names at pub club, you probably have some larger issues that need to be dealt with.


hey homeless, is this the spray section? you just another loser that doesn't want too many people to find the freedom of the hills without sucking you or one of your boy friends to learn the ropes?

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Alex I have not read 95 percent of the replies here so I may be re-iterating some items or subjects.


I do hear the Boe Alps is good.


I also am a fan of finding a friend here and learning.


In a nutshell fuck the mutineers and find a friend to climb with. wave.gif


hey, i saw your fat ass following a student of the mountaineers up a multi-pitch route in Squamish! what's up with distancing yourself from a group which spawned a guy you can't hardly follow? he probably knew how to set up a three to one pulley to pull you up if needed and he didn't even finish the basic course!

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