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[TR] Williams Peak - Standard 04/13/2024

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Trip: Williams Peak - Standard

Trip Date: 04/13/2024

Trip Report:

Over the past year of so I've gotten reacquainted with the Chilliwack Lake environs.  It is just as close to my house as many areas of the Cascades and offers some new peaks to ponder and some unfamiliar views of familiar peaks.  And, for whatever reason, I've been able to mostly have these mountains to myself on the handful of trips that I've taken up there.  Williams Peak was no exception a couple weeks ago - I didn't see a soul after leaving the car.  For such a striking peak on a fine spring day, I was a bit surprised.

But there was definitely slogging, and that probably explains the solitude.  The trail gains almost 3000' in the first mile and a half, and then there are two miles of undulating ridge to slog in snowshoes.  But the scenic rewards, as you'll see below, were quite great beyond that.  Plus, it did get more entertaining for the final 1000' up the steepening gully to the summit, dodging small wet slides and eyeing the cliffs above me suspiciously.   I had read about annoying talus and steep heather once the snow melts off so a spring ascent might be the ticket on this one, even if it is more work.  For me, being able to get a good look at the north faces of Rexford and Slesse draped in the think mantle of a late season snowpack more than made up for any discomfort.

Williams from the valley bottom.  Prepare to work!


First glimpse of North side of Slesse:


Chilliwack Lake:


North side of Rexford with Shuksan in the distance:



Slesse with Baker behind:


Welch and Foley (gotta get in there next!):


Look back at Williams from the slog out the ridge:




Gear Notes:
Snowshoes, I'm afraid. This wouldn't be a great ski with the up and down and endless forest. Crampons, helmet, and axe in early season- it is steep in the final gully

Approach Notes:
Chilliwack Lake Road is paved to the TH
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