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[TR] Mt Hood - South Face Steel Cliffs 02/10/2024


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Trip: Mt Hood - South Face Steel Cliffs

Trip Date: 02/10/2024

Trip Report:

Went up the east side of the rock at the bottom of the cliff band of the South Face. Both little chutes prior to gaining the South Face were filled with deep unconsolidated snow. Not a ton of snow at the top of the face so avoiding the vents wasn't hard but I did frog over the flat area because it was obvious that there were holes lurking underneath. A hollow sounding crust, roller balls, wet unconsolidated snow on the Wy'East portion was unnerving. Hoping the snow events later this week will fill out some of the routes.


A few more shots here https://imgur.com/gallery/mQ2vNxF.










Gear Notes:
Two tools, crampons, helmet

Approach Notes:
Walked up nice groomed trail to the top of Palmer lift
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Good job climbing in sketchy conditions! We saw you on the south face while approaching the DKH. We also experienced hollow snow conditions on the traverse to the summit. I wonder if the entire NF is the same way.  

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