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[TR] mt ellinor - summer trail 08/27/2023

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IMG_3257.jpeg.a54a2557b63291c04dd0566f6337febd.jpegIMG_3248.jpeg.e986222a14833a9753328fa05b9c8e8f.jpegIMG_3246.jpeg.23761b35bbe5203914afc8ecb1c4a98f.jpegIMG_3234.jpeg.250f8f73fdbf1eb1a42ea5c717ead990.jpegIMG_3210.jpeg.a591bdf80eb954db076a99cf939be5ea.jpegIMG_3191.jpeg.40c63bfcfbca85b8d30dca19906446c9.jpegTrip: mt ellinor - summer trail

Trip Date: 08/27/2023

Trip Report:


Kiba and I hiked up the summer trail Sunday morning, joining the other million of visitors this peak has every summer.  I've always avoided Ellinor and Washington because of the crowds, so I've never been up either before, but due to the fact that I had never been plus that I could bring Kiba....well we had nothing better going so we went up Sunday morning. Its just a less than two mile hike, but still a cool position to view the rest of the Olympics.


The trail is unreal, especially up higher.  The Mt Rose Trail Crew really put in an insane amount of work to make this accessible to the masses that go up in every year.  How many bolts did they drill to put in the wood steps?  Also just some innovative trail building methods in use.   Also...the first via ferratta I've even seen the Olympics!  Webbing hanging on bolts right by their trail tool box or whatever it is.

Anyway, while it was smokey, we watched the sunise from near the summit and saw all my old mountain friends.  The Sawtooths and Cruiser,  Mt Olympus holding court in the distance.   Mt Skokomish, Stone, Lena, Bretherton, Constance, the Bros, etc. 

I think it would be fun to climb Ellinor with a guide as recommended at the bottom of the comment section here:


What do you think Bob would charge to guide you up Ellinor? What do you think Bob looks like?  I'm going to guess he will be wearing a hickory shirt, arms cut off at 3/4 length.  Wearing Romeos, and Carhartts with holes in them.  Or at least that is how hope he would look like.  Maybe a can of Copenhagen.   Due to inflation I could see Bob charging you $200 plus a 6 pack of Hamms.

Gear Notes:
wear shoes

Approach Notes:
fine European trail

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