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Looking for help with a ride or shuttle on Isolation Traverse Fri-Sun


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My buddy and I are hoping to ski the Isolation Traverse Friday-Sunday, south to north and are looking for help with a ride or shuttle. Is anyone headed up the Cascade River Road Friday morning or willing to do a shuttle for us for $$$? We're hoping to leave a car at Pyramid Lake TH and get a ride to the Eldorado TH or have someone shuttle our vehicle from Eldo to Pyramid Lake TH.  There are other ways to get creative to make this happen as well. 

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Not answering your question, but...


... a buddy and I did a version of the Isolation and ended up at the south end. It took us a total of about 5 minutes to secure a ride (i.e. "hitchhike") to the north end at Colonial Creek. I bet this time of year you'll easily find someone to give you a ride. 


BTW it took us two legs: one to Marblemount (first ride was west bound) and then another eastbound along HWY20 to Colonial Creek. 


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4 hours ago, max said:

It took us a total of about 5 minutes to secure a ride

 A few years ago it took several hours to get a ride from Colonial Creek to Easy Pass, despite chatting dozens of people stopping in to use the bathroom.  It was crazy.  One person, no packs.... and it would have been right on their way to Mazama.  Am I that scary and smelly after 3 days? 

We ended up looking so dejected after several hours of this that someone heading west turned around and drove us back east!

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