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Photo ID need help


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Hi everybody

I’m from the Midwest and my girlfriend loves Washington state and makes a trip there every year. She only gets to spend a few days hiking and doesn’t have time to explore and find this exact spot but she has tried to research to no avail. I only know that it’s Mount Rainier and the body of water is called a tarn. So far she thinks it’s South of paradise, in the tatoosh range, and maybe accessed via the pinnacle saddle trail. She has circled where she believes this spot to be but we just don’t know. 

I’m a total flat lander but we both really enjoy hiking and I would love to take her there on our first trip to Washington together later this year. Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Well, the mountains around here are pretty much getting loved to death these days @Indygraham22, so thus the lack of details online about some of these places.  The weekend crowds are getting crazy!  I will tell you that you are in the right ballpark though.

You'll need to go off trail, however, to reach that particular tarn (just a generic name for a small alpine body of water).  If you don't hike much, going off trail isn't super straightforward here in WA.  There is a lot of steep terrain, brush, and changeable weather just looking to ruin your day.

That said, I'd recommend downloading a mapping program like Gaia and the map for the particular area you are hiking.  That plus a full charge should help a great deal if you get turned around.  If the topo map is Greek to you, here is a good source for reading them:   https://blog.gaiagps.com/how-to-read-topographic-maps/

And, for your home research, check out Caltopo:  https://caltopo.com/map.html#ll=46.76409,-121.72993&z=15&b=t&o=n&n=0

You can toggle between the topo and the aerial and find that tarn you're looking for!  In the process, you'll figure out how to get there from the nearest trail. 

Good luck!

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I'd say your guess of Pinnacle area is a good one. There are multiple lakes just below the trail that have great reflections, and if you go to the end of the established trail and then head right (West) onto rolling open terrain you may find a reflection puddle that yielded the photo above. FWIW, that area will be buried in snow until at least July.

@JasonG's suggestion WRT Gaia and a charged phone is a good one. 

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