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Conditions on Lincoln, Colfax, Kulshan


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Lincoln is waiting for someone to climb this face:


Colfax will watch:


Kulshan (the Coleman Headwall is looking remarkably smooth right now):


Conditions as of yesterday....you can drive to within about a mile of the Heliotrope TH, though that may be changing with the storm. Ski conditions were terrible at every elevation and aspect up to 7000' (very icy).  Figured people may want some images for the high pressure to follow!

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I saw a comment from someone on Facebook about chaining up and driving over the snow berm and the sign to get all the way to the TH.  Please don't do that.  It ruins the grooming on the road and will result in a $5000 fine.

Thanks for the conditions update Jason! 

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6 minutes ago, lazzara said:

 Did the mutineers think trail ski/walk was better than skiing down Grouse and some off trail travel? 

They did, but I wasn't completely convinced.  Grouse is pretty direct, even if you have to walk a bit in the forest.  I think the main deciding factor for my partners was a bit of thick, steep trees and brush near the bottom of the swath.  Not much fun going up, but I think over pretty quick on the way down.  Skiing everywhere was poor, so that wasn't much of a factor.

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