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I author a blog www.Oil-Electric.com covering a wide range of events I find interesting.

Saturday June 2nd, I took a series of photos of the newest vessel to enter into the cruise ships to SE Alaska.

Can you identify the crags in the background of this photo of the Norwegian Bliss I shot from Fort Flagler?

Note beautiful lenticular cloud formation.

Thanks for your help.

Robert (McDonald) in Port Townsend.


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Ahhhhh......the peaks of the Mountain Loop Highway!

Three Fingers in the center.  Whitehorse on the left edge of the photo.  Bullon the high crag between 3F and WH.  Liberty on the right in the sun.  Big Bear between 3F and Liberty.

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@tyee99 there is a cool app for your phone called Peakfinder (for the iPhone and Android at least).  Check it out!  Just point your phone and it tells you all the peaks you can see (or not if its cloudy).

PeakFinder App - The mountains are calling!

However, this is going to put @JasonG incredible peak identification skills out to pasture, so nevermind.



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