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I was wonder if anyone can tell me how much gear is required on OSO Rodeo. I read slab daddy is pretty limited but having a hard time finding much on OSO Rodeo. Thanks in advance. 



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Standard D-town rack.  Single cams, and draws, I think. You could bring stoppers if you want. Don't remember how big you want to go with the cams (maybe a #3 on the first move, and then *maybe* on the last pitch?  I will ping someone who knows for sure.  You'll need to be able to rap 50m pitches to get down.  

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Here is the original report, with the gear list:  Oso Rodeo original report

Agreeing with Chuck, standard rack to 3", and there is a place for a big cam on the first pitch.  In the report, DavidW says it is #5 Camalot.  I do remember hanging it up on the anchor atop pitch 1, picked up on the return.  But it was not always used by us; I got used to leading the pitch without it.

Have fun on it,



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